Earthy is a knowledgeable bookworm who has been gifted with the Book of Wisdom which has been passed down from his grandparents to teach the wisdom’s of the forest and how we can help look after our world and each other. The book has been around for a very long time and no one knows how old the book is.
Earthy is an only child and lives with his ageing grandparents after his parents died after having been eaten by a flock of birds many years ago.
He has lots of friends in the forest who love listening to the wisdoms from the book


Florence is a lovely old lady and very polite and is always teaching the animals their manners.  Florence is very gentle and looks after all her forest friends.  She likes to knit scarfs and make hats to keep them warm in the winter.


Nigel is very laid back and full of fun. Nigel loves to be with his friends in the forest. He is always making his friends laugh with his funny stories. He is always cold so Florence the Fox likes to knit him scarfs to keep warm.

Nigel is often seen dangling from one of Tess’s branches.


Diane is a busy squirrel, always on the go. Diane likes to run up and down the trees looking out for danger and looking out for her forest friends. She is always collecting food from the forest or at the forest shop to take to her friends. She also like to store food for long winters in case the animals go hungry.


Morris is always dropping by and surprising his friends. He loves to drink tea and likes to pop in to see Mr Wheezy for his famous hot chocolate drinks. He is a friendly chap who is always willing to help with his 8 legs which come in very useful, but can prove rather expensive when buying  new boots.


Mr Wheezy

Mr Wheezy is a poorly hedgehog who has problems with his breathing caused by asthma. Mr Wheezy needs looking after as his asthma can make him a bit slower and out of breath but the fairy twins and the forest friends always make sure that he is not left behind and make sure he is ok by popping in to see him every day.


Borris is a very happy friendly badger who loves to be wheeled around the forest by his friends, the fairy twins Lily and Ruby. Borris is in a wheelchair as he did not pay attention to the naughty road when crossing in the forest one day, but since that day Borris’ friends in the forest have gathered round to love and taken care of him.

Lily & Ruby

Lily & Ruby are always up to mischief and they love playing tricks on their forest friends and are great fun to be with. They love taking Borris out for a walk and spending time with him. The fairy twins live with their mother a kind witch named Senga and father Wizard George who teaches them right from wrong. But like your typical twins they don’t always listen.


William has lived in the forest all of his life and has seen a lot of change in the forest which makes him sad, people don’t seem to care about looking after the forest any more. William likes to remind the animals on how to look after each other and the forest.

Tess the Talking Tree

Tess is very kind and caring and is like a mother to all of the animals who are always popping by to talk to her. All of the animals talk to Tess if they need help or a hug she offers advise and cares very much for all of the animals. Tess has been in the forest for over 100 years and knows everyone in the forest and their families, as she is a long standing member of the forest community.  The friendship bench was built by the animals so that they can sit with Tess when they need a hug. Diane the squirrel is always sitting on Tess as she is the tallest tree in the forest to look out from.



Moley has just arrived in the enchanced forest after travelling from another forest. He is a happy chappy who loves to sing to himself and loves his new home with Earthy and his friends who have made him very welcome.


Ernest the Gnome

Ernest the Gnome is the local dentist that visits all of the local forests to check that the animals and fairies are looking after their teeth. He loves to meet up with everyone and find out what is happening in the forest.